Beeswax Foundation

1. Brief Introduction of Beeswax Foundation

We have strict requirement of the beeswax foundation to get the advantages. The raw material pure beeswax must be clean, the cell size must be accurate, the cell wall must be clean and same. The technical of the beeswax foundation production must be strict and well control of the temparture can make the beeswax foundation color bright, cell bottom transparent, tough and not easy to deformation. And we should not use the beeswax foundation after long time storage.

The natural beeswax foundation is combined by many cells. Each cell is columnar regular hexagon shape. Each cell has six walls and too cells will share the wall. Bottom of the nest room from room to room mouth tilted slightly upward from about 9 to 14 degrees. The room at the end of each nest room by three area, angle equal to the diamond surface composed of hexagonal diamond tapered concave. Each diamond surface is both part of the front of the room at the end, but also a negative bottom part of the room. Beekeepers use active nest box after the 1857 Merlin natural bee honeycomb according to the characteristics of the invention of beeswax nest foundation, changing the previous building made entirely by bees honeycomb own way. Nest foundation is a mr] made ​​of wax with beeswax, which both sides have uneven swelling nest room is hexagonal base and the beginning of the nest room wall, install it into the nest box, the worker bees that as a basis, the secretion beeswax, each being made ​​of hexagonal room wall heightening typical hexagonal prism (nest a room). Honeycomb is neatly arranged by the thousands, interrelated nest room composition. Nest foundation beekeeping production use, you brought the nest room tidy, the same size, saving beeswax, nesting rapidly, reducing drone room and so many advantages (installed base and build nests spleen method, see chapter 5 "production beeswax and made ​​askance "


2. Different Types of Beeswax Foundation

The following describes the common types of nest foundation and scope:
1. Uses classified according to specifications
Thin septum with diced honey nest nest foundation
Also known as the special light room septum. For the production of honey plaid nest, cut comb honey, with shallow nest box use.
Common nest foundation, also known as light house nest foundation. Housing bottom thicker foundations slightly higher. Beehive box for ten specifications for the use of a height of 200 mm, length 425 mm: each about 18 to 20 kg. Sterile insects for tectonics following box spleen spleen or deep (reservoir honey) can be. More time-consuming, but the bees build spleen, and sometimes transformed into drones room. .
Shenfang septum. Housing bottom thickness, foundations high. Beehive box for ten specifications for the use of a height of 200 mm, length 425 mm, each about 14 to 16 kg. Sterile insects for tectonics spleen or spleen may be deep following box. Because of this nest foundation foundations high, little worker bees create a honeycomb building, room transformed into drones fewer opportunities.
China's current plant bee nest foundation sold at ordinary room with deep nest foundation for most. General room at the end of ordinary septum thickness 0. 6 ~0. 7 mm, room wall o. About 5 mm, about 1 mm high foundations.
2. Bee species divided by the applicable country projects' former producer has kept Western views of honeycomb with bees and breeding base in China bee hive with a basis of two kinds. Two kinds of nest foundation geometry is the same, only the room eye sample sizes. Italian bees individual large, eyes bigger nest foundation room; individual small bee, eye smaller room. Italian cellular base per square decimeter eye on both sides of a total of about 857 rooms, each room has a width of 5.31 mm eye. Cellular basis of per square decimeter eye on both sides a total of about 1,243 rooms, each room has a width of 4.61 mm eye. Abroad also produce some special nest foundation, such as: embedded line septum, durable nest foundation, durable metal edge nest foundation, three nest foundation, etc., suitable for sterile insects and honey.


3. Production Process of the Beeswax Foundation

1. Utensils melting wax pot two, melting the wax cylinder one. A double-dip wax pot, wax dipped wax board or plate 15, off-chip or off-chip cylinder a pool. 2-4 wax film holder, a cutting blade wheel base. Calendering machine, nest foundation machine.
2. Built nest foundation technology
(1) Preparation of wax beeswax mashed into egg size will release the melting wax pot, then the pot size plus 1/3 of water, heating and melting beeswax. Wax temperature not over 100 * c. The molten liquid wax scoop good people melting wax cylinder, a small amount of sulfuric acid droplets man, standing 5 to 6 hours, the wax impurities sink to the bottom, the above liquid wax clean scoop to double dip the wax pot. 80'u outer pot water temperature maintained at around the inner pot wax liquid temperature is maintained at 68 ~ 75 ℃.
(2) dipped in wax tablets ① wood chip France: dipped in wax board vertically into the liquid wax, remove the sides of the plate attached to a thin layer of wax; until the wax is slightly condensate, and then insert, repeat 3 to 4 times. After the last two pose dipped promise, on the 25 ~ 30 ℃ temperature de-piece pool, wax automatic off-board, flat stacked on the table, to be calendered film.
② wooden tray pour plate method: The liquid wax wax poured into flat sheet tray, a depth of about 16 mm. After solidification wooden tray release warm water, remove the flat stack.
(3) Rolling rays rolled or hot wax can be soaked in warm water to warm up. Subject to all internal and external soft wax after, give it away calender, take out the pot in water for a light sheet roll into a tube shape.
(4) Rolling nest foundation will feed preheated rays between two rollers, on the other side with wax slowly pull out the jammed film clip nest foundation piece.
(5) cutting and packaging will nest foundation piece on the glass sample size by cropping, chopped septum between the two put a piece of paper, each 30 pack into a box.
pure beeswax


organic beeswax


Manual wax press

Finished beeswax foundation


3. Flat-panel flat septum septum embossing embossing device is zero blocks down an uneven bottom hexagonal room flat foundations of yin and yang template, fixed on wooden or metal frame i ==. Used to imprint nest foundation. Useful templates carved wooden tablet, but also to the metal as a raw material or with a general casting made of cast electroforming, as well as plaster, resin or cement per ring as raw materials, molds made of. Among Yongqiang as raw material, method of manufacture molds cement flat nest foundation imprint is most practical.

4. Beeswax tablet Press Machine: Calender or pour plate method the dip plate method produced wax is of varying thickness, the available calender it pressed into thick. Degree of uniformity of the light wax. After suppression of the light and then the wax out of the nest nest foundation mechanisms foundation thickness uniformity, high toughness, high tensile strength. In the calender "u"-shaped base frame with two parallel rollers, roller made of aluminum alloy or high-tin alloy, the surface is very smooth. Wax through two rollers pressed into the gap and light wax. Two roll gap can be adjusted.

5. Beeswax foundation roller: same structure as the tablet press machine.. Difference is that the upper and lower roller surface has bee carved the regular hexagonal cells. And regulator is equipped on the left side to adjust the roller distance to produce the exact foundation.

Pure Beeswax







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