General Process of the production:
Beeswax plate (16mm thickness) – Beeswax sheet (1.0-1.3mm thickness) – Honeycombs (Final Products)

2.1 Machine adjustment

Tablet press machine adjustment:Loose the adjusted screw,Item 2 and 10),then adjust the two compression screw(PIC 1,Item 1 and 9)to make the distance be the same. Measure it with tools and the distance would be 0.9 or 1.0mm. Then tighten the adjusted screw(PIC 1,Item 2 and 10), then tested and repeat all this if the thickness is not satisfied.

Comb foundation mill adjustment

I this machine has been adjusted and tested after produced. Usually the thickness of A doesn’t need to adjust and if the thickness of B and C is different, you can adjust it according the schedule as following.
II The thickness adjustment of B,C: Adjust the screw(PIC2,Item14 and 15). is too thick, adjust the adjusted nut a little (PIC 2, Item 15) and tighten the adjusted nut (PIC 2, Item 14), then test the machine. When the side C is too thick, adjust the adjusted nut a little (PIC 2, Item 14) and tighten the adjusted nut (PIC 2, Item 15), then test the machine. Repeat this when all the ABC sides are the same thickness. Then tighten the two tighten nut (PIC 2, Item 16 and 17) down the adjuster. Adjust them lightly to prevent damage of the holes.
III The adjustment of distance between rollers: You can test it with two 23*100mm beeswax sheet on the left and right sides. If the length of the pressed sheet are different, tighten the tighten screw (PIC 2 Item 2 and 8)on the side of short one.
IV the adjustment of the thickness of the beeswax sheet:The same method as the tablet press machine adjustment.

2.2 Press wax plate with tablet press machine
The tablet press machine is used for pressing the wax plate (about 16mm thickness) into beeswax sheet. The wax plate must be smooth without any impurity or gas cavity or it will affect the quality. So please follow the procedure as follow:
I Brush the dust and oil on the roller with soft brush. Then brush with soap water. Install a automatic drip device if necessary.
II Immerse the wax plate into a constant temperature water tank to preheat them before pressing. Don’t let the wax plate touch the bottom. Keep the water temperature about 47-480C. After the wax plate is soft enough, start to produce.
III After all this prepared, sent the wax plate into and pull it smoothly on the other side, then cool down it.

2.3 Emboss the beeswax sheet with beeswax foundation mill
Install the adjusted comb foundation on the worktable. Clean the dust and oil with brush, then brush it with cool soap water.
I The wax sheet should be immersion in water of about 20-40°C. Before use it, warm the roller to 20℃, brush the roller with soapy water or washing-powder water make it easy to take out.
II After the roller is brushed with soap water; roll it several times so the whole rollers can be cleaned. Send the preheated beeswax sheet into the rollers, and then pull it on the other side. Don’t pull too hard or it may cause deformation. During this process, brush soap water usually to lubricate the rollers to prevent wax stick the roller.
The beeswax foundation should be cut and packed according requirements.




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