How to make your beeswax foundation better?

Along with the labor intensity involved in making them, the craft of making beeswax cell foundations is becoming increasingly specialized thanks to the ready availability of prefabricated plastic or wax cell foundations. However, some apiary experts are keeping this knowledge alive and also encouraging a DIY attitude. According to KINGREAL beekeeping tools, making your own organic cell foundation is healthier than commercially made versions, which use wax that may contain leftover contaminants or inorganic plastic.

As following is the Instructions How to Make a Beeswax Cell Foundation

1 Soak the wooden board in salt water for 24 hours.

2 Melt the wax. You can use an electric wax melter for this, or you can put a vat with the wax in it into another vat partially filled with water and heat up the water using a propane burner. There should be enough wax in the vat so that you can dip the board up to the approximate size of your final cell foundation.

3 Dip the wood board in the melted wax one or more times, until both sides are coated to the thickness you prefer.

4 Immerse the waxed board in cool water and remove.

5 Prepare them for the embossing mill by putting the sheets in warm water until they reach a temperature between 90 and 100 degrees F, and warming the rollers of your embossing mill until they reach a temperature of 95-100 degrees.

6 Run the sheets through your beeswax embossing mill, which should have rollers that will imprint hexagonal cell shapes. Make sure that the honeycomb cell pattern gets embedded deeply, so the bees will have a solid foundation to work with. The cell shapes on embossing mill rollers are available in different sizes; which cell size you use is partly personal preference and partly trial and error.

7 Dry the sheets with a paper towel and cut them to fit the size of your particular wooden beehive frames. Store with sheets of wax paper in between if you are not using the cell foundations right away.


To improve the quality of the beeswax foundation, we have to improve the as the following steps:

1. Use beeswax tablet press machine to replace the wood board.

Use wood board cost not only your time but also you power. Our beeswax tablet press machine can slove all these problems for you.

You can also visit the video about the production process of the tablet press machine

2. Raw material improve of the beeswax

For better quality we need to test the machine and scale of the raw material for thousand of times. It need to be improved based on your experience.

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