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Hand Held Honey Refractometer

Hand Held Honey Refractometer

This refractometer will allow you to quickly and easily measure the moisture content of your honey. 

We have finally found high quality analog refractometers that are affordable for every beekeeper. If you have begun selling or entering your honey in competition, a refractometer is a must. Make sure your honey is low moisture, so that you can feel confident about your honey! Includes refractometer, case, adjusting screwdriver, sample pipette, calibration fluid/stone and full instructions. No batteries needed!

DIGITAL Honey Refractometer

DIGITAL Honey Refractometer

Made in the China and offers unbeatable accuracy, through its digital readout. The digital Honey Refractometer features a precision-machined stainless steel sample well with a cover that helps prevent further absorption of water. At the bottom of the sample well, a sapphire prism, the next hardest substance to diamond, provides a virtually unscratchable measurement surface.

2 frame Honey Extractor

2 frame Honey Extractor by manual Self-reversal Made by stainless steel

2 Frame Manual Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Stainless Steel Food Grade Drum

Metal Gears

Removable Stainless Steel Lid

Height with Lid: 740mm

Diameter 350m

3 frame Honey Extractor

3 frame Honey Extractor by manual Made by stainless steel

3 frames manual stainless steel honey extractor

 1.We aways manufacturing 2-48 frames honey extractor.

2.We can do according to you.

3. Manual or electric extractor

4. with legs and honey gate or to order

5.Delivery:3 working days after payment.

4 frame Honey Extractor

4 frame Honey Extractor  Made by stainless steel by manual by motor

4 Frame Stainless Steel Tangential Electric Honey Extractor

Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum

Variable Speed Electric Motor

Two Clear Perspex Lids (One Removable & One Hinged)

3 Stainless Steel Legs

Height Over Assembled Drum: 940mm

Diameter: 475mm

Motor: 220VAC, 50 Hz, 120 W, 1.1A, 1300 rp

6 frame electrical Honey Extractor

6 frame Honey Extractor Made by stainless steel by manual/ by motor

6 Frame Stainless Steel Radial Electric Honey Extractor

Food Grade Stainless Steel Drum

Reversible and Variable Speed Electric Motor

Two Clear Removable Perspex Lids

3 Stainless Steel Legs

Height Over Assembled Drum: 1005mm

Diameter: 700mm

Motor: 220VAC, 50 Hz, 250 W, 1.62A, 1300 rp

8 frame electrical honey extractor

8 frame honey Extractor by motor Made by stainless steel

New Electric honey extractor from KINGREAL with legs&stand. Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel. This is a very durable and all around well built extractor.

The honey extractor has 2 clear lids to keep debris out while the honey is draining. The bottom inside of the drum is conical shaped and drains honey to the 2-inch outlet with stopper/honey gate. The stainless steel has a beautiful polished mirrored finished on the outside (comes in protective wrap that will need removed).

12 frame electrical honey extractor

12 frame Electrical Honey Extractor by motor Made by stainless steel

we are manufacturer of bee equipment,can make it according to your requirements.

We have 2-24 frames honey extractor and so on.

4 frame electric honey extractor

We use it to get honey from comb.There are two kind of honey extractor: manual honey extractor

electrical honey extractor.

we can make the machine with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,10,12,24frames or more (you

should choose manual or electrical and frames of it.

24 frame honey extractor

World extractor Made by stainless steel


1. Ergonomics design to be cleaned easily.

2. Conical bottom drain to prevent honey loss.

3. Stainless steel Frames and hygienic inner parts

4. Easy turning lever and mechanism set

Unique, simple, powerful and quiet machine,

Ball bearing

Balance controlled

honey extractor gear

Honey Extractor Gear and Accessories

Usage: be used on the manuel honey extractor

 1. Description:

Material:  stainless steel

Outer diameter:5.5cm

Inner diameter:1cm

Weight: 195g/pc Width:1cm Hight:3.3cm

Packing: 100pcs/carton

honey gate

Honey Gate

This is an excellent honey gate.  It has metal wing nuts for strength, and its design assures a good seal with the bucket.  We really like this product, and use it on our own pouring buckets.  Color of gate may vary.

Honey Strainer

Honey Strainer

This stainless double sieve is designed to rest easily on top of a 5 gallon bucket.  The top piece is removable and has a coarse filter and the bottom screen has a finer filter.

stainless steel double honey strainer 

1.professional beekeeping tools-stainless steel double honey strainer .
2.material:stainless steel 
3.packing :20 pcs per carton .

professional beekeeping tools- double honey strainer

stainless steel honey Tank

Stainless Steel Honey Tank

304 stainless steel honey tank with honey filter
304stainless steel
very strong and easy for use
very popular in the world

304 stainless steel honey tank with honey filter

1.Name: beekeeping equipment 304 stainless steel honey tank

2.Material:304 stainless steel and durability

3. Capacity:75kg

4. very strong and easy for use
5. very popular in the world

6.the cost very cheaper

7.With:(stainless steel,plastic,Nylon)honey gate


11.Packing size:43*44*55cm




1. Our Honey extractor has been exported to Ethiopia.



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