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manual bee wax foundation machine
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About KingReal

Changge KingReal Beekeeping Supplies Factory is a professional beekeeping equipments manufacturer and supplier. We can offer full range of beekeeping equipments, including bee hive, hive parts, hive tools, uncapping knives and forks, bee smokers, honey extractors, honey strainers, beeswax foundation machine and beekeeping protective clothing. The products have been exported to EU and Middle East market. since 1995, we exported a full set of honey processing line to Africa, and obtained good reputation for its high quality and good after sale service.

For beekeeping supplies you can rely on for excellent performance and durability, stop in at Changge KingReal Beekeeping Supplies Factory.

From starter beekeeping kits for the novice beekeeper to queen-rearing supplies and bee medications for experienced beekeepers, we have everything you require to maintain healthy, flourishing beehives.

And we have plenty of protective clothing for kids and adults, smokers and smoker fuel to make your job safe and easy.

All your required beekeeping products in one place!

If you need hive bodies, we can provide them to you fully assembled or ready-to-assemble. We build our own beehive boxes on-site, to industry standards, with customized cleats and handles available.

We’re an authorized dealer for the bee keeping supplies all around the world, and you’ll find plenty of bee products in our shop as well, including wooden ware. We’ll be glad to help you with know-how, as well as bee keeper products.

Changge KingReal Beekeeping Supplies Factory Has All Your Beekeeper Gear: Beehive boxes ( hive bodies ) made on-site to industry standards Ready-to-assemble or fully assembled beehive box models Customized hive body options – cleats, handles, etc. Protective clothing – for kids and adults, coveralls, hoods, etc. Bee feeders – 1-gallon frame feeders and 4-gallon top feeders Mann Lake and Brush Mountain products Beekeeping supplies you may need on a more regular basis:

  1. Smokers and smoker fuel
  2. Honey bee medication
  3. Plastic starter foundation
  4. Natural foundation for do-it-yourselfers
  5. Queen-rearing supplies
  6. Wood frames
  7. Wooden ware
  8. Hive tools

Products you may want as a beginning beekeeper, hobbyist or honey fan:

  1. Starter beekeeping kits
  2. Beekeeping supplies for the beginner bee keeper
  3. English-garden copper hive tops
  4. Beekeeping books
  5. Honey recipe books

Existing Market and Agent Distribution

Existing Market
Asia: Saudi Arabia  Kuwait  India  Thailand   Dubai   Jordan  Iran  Jordan  Iran  Iraq  Malaysia  Bangladesh  Afghanistan
Africa:  Nigeria Algeria   Libya   Morocco   Uganda   Botswana  Zambia  Ghana
America:  American Canada Chile Peru
Europe:  UK Poland Ukraine Latvia
Oceania:  Australia Fiji New Zealand Papau New Guinea

Agent Distribution
1. Yemen

2. Ethiopia

3. Belgium

4. Malaysia

5. Australia

6. US



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